About Us

SoloBlu – Italian Beach Couture, is a line of swimsuits, beachwear and accessories born in Milan, Italy, in 2013.

Passion for the sea and for Italy inspired a team of four women, four personalities and interpreters of the feminine charm, led by Benedetta and Isabella Stanca, to start their adventure in the fashion system. Motivated by the desire to offer an alternative to the beachwear collections already on the market, to create a brand designed by women for women.

The founders wanted to create a unique style that conveys the Italian lifestyle and tradition, with a perfect mix between modern interpretation and timeless fashion.

SoloBlu finds its inspiration from a long journey through Italy’s coasts and interprets the taste of a confident woman that looks for balance between simplicity, style and elegance.

Swimsuits are rigorously in block colors realized with a special shaping lycra that models the silhouette like a second skin. Great attention to all the details with studied fit, cuts and profiles;

SoloBlu is 100% Made in Italy